Engineering & Construction Ltd



The following list is an example of some of our most recent projects. It demonstrates our capabilities over a wide range of projects, both large and small, but it is by no means complete. A detailed listing is available upon request.


Total Yemen: Developed detailed engineering design for Block 10 CPU fire fighting system including foam water deluge and subsurface injection on two 22,000 BBL crude export tanks, foam deluge systems on eight process vessels, fusible plug loops for tanks and process vessels, 25 foam water monitors and the HDPE / cement lining of two containment bunds for the export tanks. Conducted a gap analysis of the CPU existing F&G Detector System vs the requirements of Total GS.


YLNG Yemen: Provided chairman services for 4 HAZOPS for Balhalf LNG Terminal.


Total Yemen: Prepared detailed engineering design for a two bay Diesel Loading and Unloading Facility for tankers and light trucks for Kharir Block 10. Facilities included a foam water deluge and a hydrant monitor fire fighting system.


Total Yemen: Conducted pipeline stress analyses (CAESAR II) for 8 utility and water injection pipelines for Kharir Block 10.


Total Yemen: Provided Technical Bid Tabulations for 7 tender packages for line pipe, valves, pipe fittings, power and 

​​Total Yemen: Provided design engineering services for Kharir Utility Water Network which included new well tie-ins and gathering system, four manifolds and distribution trunk lines with tie-ins for the BPU, CPU, CPF and the Kharir camp.

YLNG Yemen: Provided foundation engineering designs for three site conditions (rock, sandy soil and sand dunes) for the security guard towers along the YLNG pipeline.   


Total Yemen: Provided detailed engineering design services to add additional pumps, filters and interconnecting piping to expanded the Kharir Pond 2 Water Injection Facilities from 20,000 BWPD to 35,000 BWPD.


Total Yemen: Provided conceptual engineering design for Biyad Gas Injection Pilot facility for Kharir Block 10.


Total Yemen: Conducted a feasibility study and construction cost estimate to expand Atuf’s N2 Generation Facility. Prepared the procurement / tender package to TEPY standards and requirements. 


Calvalley Yemen: Truck Off-loading Facility

Prepared the detailed engineering design and the procurement/construction packages for a 10,000 bbl/day truck off-loading facility at NEXEN Block 51.


OMV Yemen: Detailed Design for the Gathering System for a 52 Well Oil Field

Conducted the conceptual and detailed engineering design to for a 52 well oil field, with three remote manifolds and three 12” trunk lines to the OMV CPF. 


OMV Yemen: Long Lead and Non-Long Lead Procurement Support for OMV’s Export Pipeline

Responsible to prepare procurement packages to tender the long and non long lead items for the 123 km export pipeline.


Dove Energy Yemen: - Bayoot Flare Stack Detailed Design

Prepared the detailed design package to install a new smokeless flare at Bayoot CPU.


Dove Energy Yemen: - Bayoot Fuel Gas Conditioning

Conducted engineering studies to condition rich Bayoot solution gas for use as fuel gas for bi-fuel diesel generations in the field. The conditioning plant will save 600 bbls diesel per day and provide an incremental 200 bbl condensate to blend with the crude export.

Qatar Petroleum: - Feasibility Study for New Raw NGL Pumps, Dehydration Units and 20 Pipeline

Assessed the technical and economic feasibility to reduce production downtime with the addition of new raw NGL pumps, dehydration units and pipelines in QP’s Dukhan field.


Total E&P Yemen: - Gas Supply from TEPY Block 10 to PEC

Conducted the conceptual and detailed engineering design to supply and treatment of raw solution gas from TEPY CCU for the 25MW PEC power generation plant in Kharir Yemen.

Dove Energy Yemen: - Separator Sizing and Pipeline Studies

Conducted engineering startup for sizing of Bayoot CPF HP/LP inlet separators, test separators and HP/LP lease gas boots. Also assessed well tie-in and inter-field pipeline requirements and piping systems for the CPF.


Dove Energy Yemen: - Procurement Services

Procurement of Condensate Pumps, Start Up Parts and 2 Year Supply of Spare Parts.


Occidental of Yemen: - Procurement Services

Procurement of HP Production Separator Skid Mounted Package and 2 Years Supply of Spare Parts.


GASCO Abu Dhabi – Buhasa Direct fired Heater Integrity Study

Assessed the integrity of Buhasa Mole Sieve Regeneration and Glycol Regeneration Heaters and conducted a QRA workshop with GASCO representatives.


Tullow (Pakistan) Developments Ltd.  – Chachar Gas Development, Sindh, Pakistan

The Chachar Gas Development consists of a total of three wells for an aggregate production of 30 MMSCFD. Surface facilities consist of Separation, Sweetening for H2S removal, and Dehydration as well as provision for future compression. Scope of Work includes Detailed Design (Process, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical), Module Layout, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning and Startup.

Tullow Bangladesh Ltd.  – Bangora #1 Early Production Facility, Comilla, Bangladesh

The Early Production Facility consists of Inlet Separation, Dehydration, Metering, and construction of a 10” NPS export pipeline to enable extended testing of the Bangora #1 discovery well. Scope of Work includes Detailed Design (Process, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical), Module Layout, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning and Startup.



Cairn Energy Bangladesh – Sangu Sales Gas Bypass Pipeline

Detailed engineering design (Process, Piping, Corrosion Protection, Stress Analysis, and Civil), welding specifications, and inspection & test procedures, for a 20” gas pipeline in Bangladesh.


GASCO Abu Dhabi – Feasibility Study for Replacement of Various Fired Process Heaters

Responsible for preparing high level feasibility studies (equipment sizing/selection, PFD’s, Equipment Spacing, CAPEX/OPEX estimates, schedule) for replacement of large (425 MMBTU/HR total) direct fired process heaters with either steam or Hotoil systems.